SEO Sales Boosting


S EO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of making a website appealing and relevant for search engines.Our staff has studied marketing at the undergraduate, graduate and most importantly the real life race level. SEO is a race. A race to get your website in front of customers before your competition gets their business. In any race it is essential to have a strong support team that is familiar with success. (more…)

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SEO Planning


Eackyard ngines that power marketing campaigns.  Backyard Marketing Group’s detailed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process is comprised of 7 major phases.  The result of these phases is a marketing engine for your firm that drives prospects to your website and turns them into customers which result in sales.



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The Local Search


O ver 40% of search engine users are looking for local businesses, yet they often don’t find the businesses that are right around the corner from them. Why is this? There are two main reasons: lack of clear information and in-effective search engine optimization. We work to remedy the lack of information problem by providing public training seminars for business owners to get accurate information with real examples in the company of their peers. (more…)

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